• Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Indemnity
  • Accident
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care

    No Health Insurance plan offers complete and full protection. All plans have holes and gaps that can still leave you liable. With supplemental coverage, you can help fill in those gaps to cover your out-of-pocket expenses, and limit your liability. Supplemental can allow you to maintain your lifestyle in the event of anything from an unexpected minor accident, to a major tragedy.

    Everybody needs to protect their greatest asset, which is their ability to earn an income. Don't let the unexpected prohibit you from paying your bills and maintaining your lifestyle. Continue to be able pay your bills and insurance premium while you get back on your feet.

    Health Insurance alone is not complete without supplemental coverage. Nor is supplemental coverage complete without health insurance. A plan must be as complete as possible while meeting your budget.

    • You can get paid CASH when an unforeseen medical event arises

    • Get a reference on the statistic for bankruptcies

    No Health Insurance Plan Alone fills all the gaps – Supplemental Insurance can fill those gaps, help reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and pay your bills when sick or injured