Enhance Your Health Plan with Supplemental Coverage
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    Why Supplemental Coverage

    Medical bills are the #1 reason for bankruptcies in America. Even people WITH health insurance coverage may have trouble paying their medical bills, but supplemental insurance can help. Many people have to claim bankruptcy due to a loss of income that results from an injury or sickness. There are many costs associated with getting sick or injured that are not covered by health insurance. These extra costs may include:

    • Loss of income – which makes it difficult to pay for:
      • Mortgage/rent
      • Car payments
      • Groceries
    • Transportation Costs
    • Childcare
    • Out of pocket medical expenses
    • Out of network providers

    Supplemental coverage provide cash benefits when you need it most. Supplemental benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use them to cover any out of pocket expenses, or use them to pay your monthly bills including your mortgage/rent, car payments, groceries, etc. You can also use the benefits to pay for bills that your medical insurance will not cover. This can include transportation costs, the need for childcare, out of pocket expenses, out of network provider s, etc. In many situations, supplemental plans will leave you with cash in your pocket to use for any other reason that you need it for. The following are the most common supplemental policies:

    Dental & Vision

    The most common form of supplemental coverage, is Dental and Vision. Dental plans typically cover some or all of the costs for oral exams, cleanings, fillings, and X-rays.

    Get a quote for dental and vision here.

    Accidental Medical Coverage

    Did you know that 1 in 8 people seek medical attention from an injury each year?? Accidents happen and accident medical insurance can help you financially when they do. Families with kids in sports or active lifestyles especially appreciate having an accident medical expense plan. These plans pay cash to help cover any unexpected medical bills due to an accident. 

    These plans are accident only policies, so you can usually qualify for a plan no matter what your health status is, and they are typically very inexpensive to add to your health policy.

    Hospital Coverage

    Hospital stays typically average more than $2,000 per day with most stays lasting 4.5 days. For example that’s almost a full work week, and it’s more than $10,000 for one injury or sickness. Can you afford $10,000 for a hospital stay?

    Hospitalization coverage will pay you benefits for a variety of coverage for inpatient stays, outpatient surgeries, long term care, etc. These are benefits that are paid directly to the you – not to your doctor or hospital. 

    Critical Illness Supplemental Coverage

    The diagnosis of a critical illness can dramatically alter your lifestyle and financial well being. 

    Can you afford $50,000? The average loss of income due to critical illness is more than $50,000. When diagnosed with a critical illness, the likelihood of a loss of income is high due to limited sick days and extensive time spent recovering. 

    Can you afford 3 months? Most heart attack patients can’t go back to work for up to 3 months. 

    Critical Illness policies may include a lump sum payout of anywhere from $10,000 to a years worth of income or more. We give our clients protection when they need it most, so they don’t have to worry about how their bills are going to get paid while they are trying to recover from a critical illness.


    Compass Insurance Advisors specializes in helping our clients purchase affordable health and supplemental insurance coverage. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our helpful agents. Compass Insurance Advisors are committed to helping our clients understand their benefits, and have studied the market thoroughly and know the highest risk areas that can lead to medical bankruptcy and cover our clients appropriately.

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